Nancy Kittleson

Teacher, demonstrator, seeker,  morale booster, believer, laughing friend!

"I have been in horses my entire life.  I was a Classical Dressage rider and teacher.

In 2003, I came to FromtheMother Farm and began  to evolve!  I learned about Natural Horsemanship.  I learned about Centered Riding.  I incorporated these approaches into my teaching. Then I learned about Liberty Horse Training and, oh, boy! evolution took off!!

I made radical changes to my approach to training and my approach to life.  This caused my horse to change. T he deep connection I have with my horse now is what I have always dreamed it could be.

It is my thrill and honor to teach and share what I have discovered with those of you who are looking for this same depth of connection with your own horses.  I can tell you  from personal experience, that what you have always dreamed possible between you and your horse, IS possible...and I would love to help you both get there!"


Mary and Alan Shank
Owners, Caretakers and Horse-Crazed Enablers

Alan and Mary purchased the property in April 2016.  Long-time friends of founder, Lynn Elston, they are seeking to perpetuate Lynn's legacy of improving the relationship between people and horses.  They welcome new clinicians, ideas, and opportunities  and seek to share a unique experience with others who are traveling the same journey.


Gentle giant, teacher, barn manager, Yogi's playmate.



Teacher, grounder, rock solid, food-lover, confidence builder.



Teacher, connector, clown, solid, curious, CJ's playmate.


Brenda Langer

Seeker, Uber-techie, chief cook and bottle washer, photographer, supportive friend.

" I was lucky enough to start my exposure to horses at FromtheMother Farm.  I took Liberty Horse Training  and Centered Riding lessons from Lynn for two years before buying my first horse.

The journey Shilo and I have shared with Lynn and Nancy and, now, with all of you, has been one of great joy and discovery.  I have learned so much about horses and training and about myself and how I need to "be" in their world...and in mine.

If you are new to horses and dreaming of someday having one of your own, I encourage you to entrust yourself to the ways of FromtheMother Farm.  This is the place where dreams come true!"


                                 Lynn Elston, Founder

                                                                                           May 5, 1952 - January 19, 2016

                                                    Organizer, communicator, writer, teacher, seeker, meditation guide, Farm manager.

"I love sharing all that I have learned from the horses and the Farm!  I especially like to teach adult beginners, as I can now be the teacher I was looking for 20 years ago when I first got into horses.  I teach from my deep love of horses.  I honor the mysticism and the magic and I am always delighted to see the light of understanding and awe on my students' faces, when they feel the magic for themselves!"



Teacher, connector,  reactor, appreciator, super-sensitive. 



Resident tail-less feline therapist, modeler of pure entitlement.