About The Farm

A letter from Lynn Elston about the Farm

"Many have asked me about the name 'FromtheMother Farm.' The fact is, the Farm actually named itself. Back in July of 1997, I was living in Edmonds, WA and boarding my first horse, Pilgrim, at the nearest riding facility, about an hour away. One day I wrote in my journal: 'Now, I want the big one. The ranch or country house. I want land and Nature and slow, soft living, filled with Nature's gifts and select people energy. I want Pilgrim in my back yard. And I want the yard to be big enough for some nice riding...'

It happened I had just returned from a lovely trip to the immensely spiritual Sedona, AZ. So, just for grins, I turned that journal entry into a 'prayer,' by adding: 'I wish for this. Hear me, Mother. I am in your care now. Heart to heart.' Seven days later, the Great Mother delivered! (As good as UPS!)

I happened to stop at a tack store, on my way to the Barn, and see a For Sale by Owner flier on their bulletin board. Color pictures, a really nice looking place...no mud, no old refrigerators and car bodies strewn about...it looked worth pursuing.

I happened to have my Thomas's Guide in the car, so I found my way to the For Sale by Owner signs and decided to just drive by the place. When I reached the cul-de-sac, the farm was situated so far back that I couldn't see anything. 

 I happened to have my cell phone (hate the things!) and called the owners, told them I was in their cul-de-sac and could I come see the place. She said she hadn't cleaned it up, I said I didn't care and in I drove.

 Beautiful, tall trees, green pastures, sunlight everywhere. Good first impression! She met me in the drive and asked if I wanted to see the house or the barn first. I said the barn and she said "We're going to get along!"

 Long story short, I spent 3 hours there and blew any real estate bargaining strategy by telling her, as I was leaving, that I needed to go home and decide whether having a horse farm was a dream I wanted to make come true or keep as a dream. If I decided I wanted it, ThIS would be the place. The rest happened rather quickly...I offered, they countered, I accepted and we set a closing date for September 1st. In that time, I arranged financing, home inspection, etc. Then I settled down to wait, excited and anxious about the rest of my life!

One night in August, I woke up in the middle of the night and KNEW that the name for the place was FromtheMother Farm. Spelled just that way, with the capital M in the middle of the run-together word. The next morning, as I pondered where that had come from, I realized that there were three mothers involved in the Farm and me coming together.

First, there was the Great Mother, to whom I had addressed my prayer for just this place. And She made it so. Then, there was my maternal grandmother, whose small trust fund allowed me to negotiate the purchase without the delay of standard financing. And She made it so. And then there was my younger brother's late wife, Deb, who had just passed away from cancer in the Spring of that same year. In my fairly dysfunctional family, Deb was the epitome of motherhood...she actually LOVED her children (and me!) and was able to demonstrate it. Always on my side, recognizing my feelings, empathizing, encouraging, listening, sharing...I had come to love and trust her like no other person in my life. And then she died. All through the process of buying the Farm, I kept picturing her shining eyes and smiling face as I went after my dream. I still cannot tell that part of the tale without choking up. And She made it so.

And, as the Farm has grown into a Center for the exploration of the mysteries of the Horse, I have found that my own Mother (who died the year after I bought the Farm, before the remodel) has come into her own here. Never very maternal, my Mom was tremendously organized and a wonderful, caring hostess, who loved to share her home and grounds with friends and neighbors.

And here I am, taking great joy in sharing my home, facility, and knowledge with all who are interested. It takes a lot of time and vision to organize and maintain this Farm, and I love every minute of it! Hosting Events and Clinics takes a lot of thought and sensitivity, and I enjoy the challenges each one presents. And I absolutely love how many great people have been able to find their own hearts by coming to and being on the Farm!! So many people, whom I didn't previously know, coming comfortably together to share my passion for the deepest connection possible to the horses!

So there you have it.

In Gratitude to you all, Mothers."