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March 2015 Sandbox

13 Photos | Updated March 22, 2015 | By Lynn Elston

Hunter the 11 Year Old Pony

Hunter, the 11 year old pony

Karen brought her adorable pony, Hunter, for us to play with. Hunter was a rescue, and still acted like one around the food bowls...he was very wary and would not come in close to Nancy and the bowls. This surprised Karen, who said he was not like that with her. Nonetheless, this was the pony we had today.

Hunter Making His Choices

Hunter making his choices

Nancy did a wonderful demonstration of allowing Hunter to work through his reservations about her proximity to the food he wanted. She did a lot of pan rattling and waiting, while he'd come close, but then lose his nerve.

Nancy Giving Treats to Hunter

Coming closer

Interesting to note that he was not so worried about Nancy hand feeding him the was when she offered the bowl that he demurred. Possibly because Karen carried the treats on her???

Hunter Eating Treats


By the end of about 45 minutes, Hunter had made his choice and was "daring" to come in for his treats, with more and more comfort. At the very end, he even got a little pushy...yay!!! Just what we were waiting for! Once he's learned that being around Nancy means good stuff for him, once he wants to be there, she can then shape his behavior, without having him dash off.

People Looking at Horse Stable

The sun came out for Part Two!

The weather smiled on us, and we were able to move up to the big pasture to demonstrate how the Bond can work, once the horse and human are both committed. Spring green grass and all!!

Nancy With the Horse Herd

Would you leave your luscious grass for me??

This was our horses' third day on the new Spring grass and Nancy, Brenda and I were all delighted to find that we really could get their attention and their feet to come with us!!!

Shilo and Brenda

Shilo and Brenda play in the bond.

They'd companion walk for a few steps and then Brenda would tell him "Head Down" and enjoy his grass with him.

Walking With Yogi

Thrilled with Yogi out there!!

All the time and trials I have been putting into Yogi over this past year were really paying me back in spades that day!!! He was SO right with me...what the picture cannot show is the jig I was dancing inside myself!!!

Playing With Horse Herd

Playing the whole herd

We brought out a bowl of LMF Senior feed and Nancy began to direct whichever horses showed up as to who could eat from the bowl, and when they had to quit and back up. I brought Yogi over and joined the fun, so we could see how the horses reacted to two of us owning the food. Order and respect reigned!

Yogi on Top of the Elephant Stand

Liberty walk from pasture to arena

We moved the Liberty action back to the arena, asking the horses to walk with us. While there was some discussions about having to go visit the new horse, we got to demonstrate how to get your horse back when he's decided to leave. Just outside the arena, Yogi was with me enough to ask him to show off his new ability to get all four big feet on the elephant stand!

Yogi Inside the Sandbox Arena

And into the arena

Yogi's ready for play time!! (There are a lot of photos of me and Yogi, cuz the photographer was my new Barn Manager, Christian and he LOVES Yogi!)

CJ Braves the Huge Tarp to Stay With Nancy

CJ braves the huge tarp to stay with Nancy

This was a great thing to watch as he'd get his feet caught and himself totally engulfed in the tarp, but just kept going...that's a strong bond!!!

Moon and Yogi's Grooming Fest

Moon and Yogi's grooming fest

My boys decided, towards the end of the session that they just HAD to groom each other and they really went at it! After letting them enjoy it for a while, I asked them each to come away and do something with me...just something short and easy, then I let them go back to each other. A new reward for them!!

January 2015 Sandbox

4 Photos | Updated January 25, 2015 | By Lynn Elston

A Sweet horse and a Proud horse...two totally different Liberty approaches for us to experience.

Cathy's Arab Mare, Zee, Already an "in" Horse

Cathy's Arab mare, Zee, already an "in" horse

Cathy and Zee already had a nice relationship, though things tended to be more on Zee's terms than Cathy's. But, overall, Zee was respectful and caught on to Nancy's (friendly rules) without resistance...see how respectfully she waits out there for Nancy to invite her in for a treat.

Cathy Learned About the Use and Giving of Treats

Cathy learned about the use and giving of treats...

Cathy lets the mare have one of her treats, as long as she is respectful. Nancy also helped Cathy use her energy and body language more clearly, so the mare could companion walk in easier sync. When it worked for Cathy, the two of them were lovely to watch together.

Bill's Tennessee Walker Wanted Nothing to Do With Nancy or Her Treats!

Bill's Tennessee Walker wanted nothing to do with Nancy or her treats!

Next up was Jack, a 14 year old TWH who had a lot of presence and not much use for the humans around him. He was happy to help himself to the treats, but left each time Nancy asked him to just step back a bit, or to stand in one certain spot. He clearly displayed that he would prefer to go run the rail and worry about his mare-buddy, out in the roundpen. Nancy would succeed in getting his attention for a "Hello" and maybe two or three steps in sync, then he would leave. So, Nancy made herself a bit more interesting and brought a bowl of treats out with her as she sat quietly while he ran up and down.

Jack Discovered Nancy and Her Treats

Connection established...but not maintained.

Once Jack discovered Nancy and her treats, she'd give him one and then pick up her chair and move somewhere else. At first, he would not follow. But, slowly, he spent less time pacing the rail and more time approaching her and getting paid. When the time was up, we had seen him connect a few times, but he still returned to his railwalking. This horse will need a lot more of this kind of session to extend his trust enough to allow himself to come "in."

Liberty September 2014-In pursuit of "Foal-face!"

26 Photos | Updated September 19, 2014 | By Lynn Elston

Demonstrations all involved horses and humans who have been practicing Liberty for a while, so a good, basic relationship was in place. Now Robin could take them, and us auditors, into the nuances and subtleties that create really GREAT relationships...and produce "foal-face" on our horses!! Just what we've been waiting was fantastic!

Circles in the Sun

Circles in the Sun

Robin shared inspiring music that gave the feeling of "stillness" which worked as well as any meditation. Our Circle exchanges went deep and brought much knowledge, comfort and connection.

Robin Story Telling

Our Robin is back and better than ever!

Sharing, smiling, swearing, story-telling...we were all re-kindled by her presence!

Nancy With Her Bionic Arm

Our Nancy was there, with her Bionic Arm

Nancy and her sister, Janet, in from Boston, to be chauffeur and two-armed help while Nancy heals from her fall from a horse. Body compromised, but her spirit stays strong! And you should have seen her directing the car parking, one arm and all!!!

Cathie and Her New Mare Nika

Cathie and her new(ish) mare, Nika

Already practicing Liberty, all three of our horse humans had very nice, established Robin could take them, and us auditors, into the subtleties and nuances of the bond. Cath and Nika needed a little more enticement for Nika to want to be with Cathie more than anything!

Gail and Brooklyn

Gail and Brooklyn

Gail is fairly new to Liberty Training, but she and her mare were definitely in each other's worlds...but more on Brooklyn's terms, than Gail's.

Shina and Cody

Shina and Cody

A lovely soft bond between these two, Robin suggested they could expand the range of their relationship through emotional plasticity.

Demos in the Pasture

Demos in the pasture

We worked, mostly, in the Dorm pasture, where the horses were in a more natural environment and their desire to be with their human could be challenged by the grass and other diversions.

Robin and Nika

Robin and Nika

Robin lets Nika discover who and how she is, describing to all of us, how she goes deep inside to become present to she can be present to the horse.

Nika Accepts Robin's Presence

Nika accepts Robin's presence.

Notice how grounded and unhurried they both are together.

Auditors Chase the Shade

Auditors chase the shade

Both seminar days were hot, so we auditors kept moving our chairs to follow the shade. Robin spent only a little time with each horse, then she watched and gave suggestions to each of the humans.

Cath and Nika Getting Grounded

Cath and Nika getting grounded.

Cathie's relationship appeared to have a lot of "doing" involved in it, so Cath practiced some lovely "not-doing."

Gail Asks Brooklyn for More Respect

Gail asks Brooklyn for more respect.

Brooklyn was fine with Gail being around as a devoted serving wench, so Robin had Gail up the ante and make some corrections to wake her mare up a bit.

Gail and Brooklyn Waking Together

Gail liked this better, wouldn't you?

Shina and Cody Worked in the Arena the First Day.

Shina and Cody worked in the arena the first day.

The two of them displayed a lovely, soft relationship...Cody was very connected and in. Now, robin suggested, they could go for adding in a little more sparkle and pizazz!!

2nd Day Dancing Fools

2nd Day Dancing Fools

Our 2nd Day's Circle went until almost Noon, and no one got itchy...there was so much learning and experience sharing going on. We closed with Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic" and I just HAD to "Prancercise" across the lawn!

Man Dancing Happily

Emotional plasticity for me, too!!!

Not my usual demeanor, this felt wonderful, got everyone laughing and most folks up and dancing, themselves...from serious and deep in the Circle to silly and fun. Perfect!

Robin Joins the Dancing Fools

Of course, Robin joins right in!

People Having Fun

And then everybody danced...

Dancing in Their Own Way

in their own way!

Everybody Dancing

Oh, yeah!!!!

Cath and Nika Second Day

Cath and Nika-second day

Cath now gets some things to "do" with Nika to help the mare decide that Cathie is just the best thing, ever!

Horse Games and Treats

Reasons to follow me!

Games and treats, in full play mode, had Nika totally in with whatever Cath was doing.

Horse Foal Face

Foal-face achieved!

Look at her perked ears, her soft, curious eye, this is foal-face...the sign that the mare is utterly focused on and tuned into her human... hooray!

Gail and Brooklyn Come Together Too

Gail and Brooklyn come together, too!

Gail route to Brooklyn's heart was very different than Cath's...but it brought about the same, soft, perky-eared, IN face! Double hooray!

Shina Ramps Up Her Energy With Cody

Shina ramps up her energy with Cody...


and gets THIS!!!!

Cody began to give us wonderful displays of bucking and rearing, as he was sent away...then he'd go hide in the trees, until Shina asked him to rejoin her. His joy in his BIG movements was contagious!!! A great way to end the day, and the seminar.

Liberty Immersion Retreat August 2014

37 Photos | Updated August 20, 2014 | By Lynn Elston

August 2014 Retreat

Sacred Sharing Circle

Sacred Sharing Circle

Each day of our Liberty Retreat began with a circle for grounding, meditation and then sharing. We all felt closer to each other's hearts with each passing day!

Taking Time to Connect

Taking time to connect

On the first day, we started very slowly, with horse owners just sharing territory with their horse, allowing themselves to feel the connection that is so often lost during our busy daily lives.

Connection Felt Action Arises

Connection felt, action arises

Once the connection was affirmed, owners could experiment with movement within the "bubble of two." Companion walking, scratching, playing...

Vicky and Shina Inside the Sandbox

Day 1 afternoon - expanding the bubble

After a delicious lunch, we put the treats outside the arena gate and played with what happened when this element was added to the relational mix. Various things came up: Elise and Apple ended up discovering how to walk together, without leaving or getting left behind. Diane learned how to use her energy to push her horse backwards. Vicky and Shina both got reaffirmed in the loveliness and strength of their horses' bonds to them.

Morning 2 With FTMF Herd

Morning 2-with FTMF herd

Guests experiment with their connection skills by relating to the Farm's horses, in their pasture.

Nancy Observing the Fun

Nancy and I observe the fun!

Vicky Walks With Yogi

Vicky companion walks with Yogi.

Diane and Cj Discovering Each Other

Diane and CJ discovering each other.

Elise Connects With Shilo

Elise connects with Shilo...

Elise and Shilo

and takes him to yummies!

Shina and Yogi Say Hello

Shina and Yogi say Hello.

Vicky Hangs Out With Moon

Vicky hangs out with Moon.

Shina and CJ Walk Together

Shina and CJ walk together.

Elise and Yogi Getting It On

Elise and Yogi getting it on!

Vicky and CJ Stepping Out

Vicky and CJ stepping out.

Harry Doing Fun Obstacle Stuff

Day 2 afternoon...lessons got more specific.

Vicky brought both her 2 year old, Charly and her steady Eddie, Harry, down for a joint lesson. Harry learned how to get treats by doing fun obstacle stuff!!

Nancy and Vicky Got Harry to Step Up

Nancy and Vicky got Harry to step up!

Doing obstacles is a way to practice breaking things down to little, tiny "yeses" until the final "goal" is just the next little step to the horse's way of seeing it.

Vicky Giving Treats to Harry

And Vicky makes it worth his while!

Charly and Vicky

Charly and Vicky

Charly got his turn and did a great job of paying attention to do the pool noodle car wash!

Diane Finds Her Energy

Diane finds her energy!!!

Look at that transmission and reception...Summer is NOT going to move!

Diane Is Happy

Diane is happy!!!!

And we were so thrilled to have witnessed this beautiful coming together!

Apple and Elise Play the Initiative Game

Apple and Elise play the Initiative Game

In order to get more participation out of Apple, Elise threw all sorts of fun toys out into the arena and just waited until Apple touched something, then treated. Eventually, Apple stopped waiting to be told what to do and began to initiate actions on her own, to get herself some treats!

Shina and Cody Work on His Self Carriage

Shina and Cody work on his self carriage

Shina and Cody trotted between two feed bowls, with a quick Whoa at each bowl, so Cody could get his rear end under him more. We added a couple steps of back-up before treating, to get him even more on his butt!!

Day 3 Treasure Hunt on the Farm

Day 3 - Treasure Hunt on the Farm

We all took treats and bowls of feed and "salted" the property all down through the woods and behind the Mainhouse. Each person took their horse on a different route, so it was just the two of them discovering their connection outside of the arena's wall.

Elise and Apple Down by the Compost Bins

Elise and Apple down by the Compost Bins!

Vicky and Charly

Vicky and Charly..

As a very young horse, just walking about, on line, was enough of an adventure and test of their connection.

Walking Together With Horse

But they found it!

Di and Summer

Di and Summer

Really "with" each other!!

Di and Summer Having Great Connection

Great Connection!

Shina and Cody

Shina and Cody

He's so IN!!

Shina and Cody Walking Together

Beautiful Dance!

Day 3 Afternoon Individual Lessons Again

Day 3 afternoon - individual lessons again.

Shina and Cody continue their beautiful dance as she leads him to discover obstacles.

Vicky Was Thrilled With the Horse

Look at that connection!!!

Vicky was thrilled!

Diane and Summer Play the Initiative Game

Diane and Summer play the Initiative Game

They found their strong connection, now both Diane and Summer played inside of it.

Diane and Summer Playing With Toys Together

Playing with toys together

Smiles abounded!

Vicky Works With Both Her Horses

Vicky works with both her horses

Establishing her leadership over the feed bowl, she was able to get them eating, together, out of one bowl.

Elise and Apple Do the Obstacles

Elise and Apple do the obstacles.

Apple began to find that being with Elise was a really fun thing!

June 2014 Workshop

26 Photos | Updated June 22, 2014 | By Lynn Elston

The pictures are better than words!

Ruth and Robin Happily Hugging Each Other

Robin is BACK...

Ruth gives Robin a great big, satisfying hug, as did we all, throughout this magical weekend

Robin Was Thrilled With the Workshop Outcome

and she's better than ever!

Robin was as thrilled as all of us that she was able to teach both days of this workshop without over tiring or stressing herself!

Robin Giving Treats to a Horse

The magic continues

Robin has learned so much from her past year of healing and dealing with brain injury...a deeper understanding of stillness, a personal concept of how easily overphasing can happen and how nothing can continue until balance is restored. All of these precious knowings are now driving her teaching and we and the horses are loving it!

Circle of Strength

Circle of Strength

Morning Circles went deep and were full of gratitude and love...we were all feeling like we had "come home!"

Dogs Inside the Sandbox

Dogs liked it, too

The Farm dogs, Monte and Cookie, were both enjoying the comforting energy created by our Circle.

Robin and Alums With Newcomers

Sharing and Caring

There were many Robin Alums plus some wonderful newcomers...everyone shared pieces of their hearts, and everyone listened with respect and honor. Such a wonderful way for the entire group to come into relationship to study horse-human relationship!!

Cathie and Unica

Cathie and Unica

Cath and her new mare, Nica, moved deeper into leading from stillness.

Cathie and Unica Having a Connection


Beautiful...can't you just see the cord of connection between these two?

Robin Helps Bring Action to Stillness

Robin helps bring action to stillness

Playing with a hula hoop, Robin guided Cathie and Nica into a closer working bond.

Robin Showing Her Sense of Humor

Still our Robin!!

Robin's sense of humor and amazing presence are better than ever...her hubby, Neal (in the red cap) and the other auditors agree!!

Two of the Horse Demo Owners Watch and Learn

Learning by watching

Two of the horse demo owners watch and learn from another demonstration.

Maggie's Gypsians

Maggie's Gypsians

Our apologies to Maggie, we were not able to photograph either of her sessions with Robin, since she went right before lunch and we were up in the Mainhouse, preparing food. What I did see, though, was an amazing difference in both her youngsters' bond with her, even since this photo was taken at the May workshop.

Robin and the Auditors

Robin and the auditors

Robin could take a break from standing in the arena when one of the Alums was playing with their horses or when Nancy assisted her.

Jeanne's Shilo with Nancy

Jeanne's Shilo with Nancy

Shilo was able to overcome some of his fears and insecurities when given enough stillness...Nancy kept the bar really low and just allowed him to come back to himself and her.

Jeanne and Nancy Share Stillness

Jeanne and Nancy share stillness

Can you feel the ripples of Shilo's pond smoothing out as he stands amidst the calm, breathing stillness that Nancy, Jeanne and the entire audience were emanating?

Robin Deepens Shilo's Bond Through Anticipation

Robin deepens Shilo's bond through anticipation

Robin guides Jeanne and Shilo from stillness to very slow, very simple asking and rewarding. Shilo continues to say "yes."

Halter Issues

Halter issues

End of second day, Shilo definitely did NOT want his halter back on. Robin and Nancy brought in treats and headed him into seeking mode...but, he decided to leave the arena, by jumping the fence. Very dramatic, skinned his shins, but his point got made. Nancy and Brenda worked with him in the pasture he ended up in, got the halter on and led him back to his stall. Definitely something big needs to happen for this horse and for Jeanne, to bring them both together in harmony.

Nancy and Rosemary's Holly

Nancy and Rosemary's Holly.

Nancy and Holly have been working together on Liberty for a couple of years. She remains somewhat aloof, though much better than she was 2 years ago. Robin helped Nancy to add even greater stillness, less busy-ness, to keep Holly "in."

Rosemary Joins the Fun

Rosemary joins the fun!

Day 2, Rosemary decided she would take a turn in the everyone's delight! She and Holly were such fun to experience!

Robin and Rosemary

Robin and Rosemary

Robin helped Rosemary feel how to companion walk in connection with her horse...who came along for the ride.

Three Caring Mamas

Three caring mamas!

Then Nancy joined the group and Holly had a great time with all of them...and her treats!

First Day Evening In Patio

First Day Evening

Robin and Neal had enough energy to join us on the back deck for pre-dinner chatting...something she was often too wiped out to do when she was teaching here before her accident.

Nancy's New Pup

Nancy's new pup

Another guest for pre-dinner chat...Nancy's new, 9 week old Shiloh Shepard, Phaelyn. Aaaawwwww!

Robin and Neal

Day 2 Circle...Robin and Neal

Bright eyed and ready for another day...Robin and Neal shine in the second day's morning circle!! Much gratitude was expressed to Neal, for doing such an outstanding job of caring for Robin throughout this ordeal.

Penny and Neal Giving Each Other Goodbye Hugs

Goodbye hugs

End of the workshop, Penny and Neal together in a satisfying hug. A great symbol of how much we all appreciate him and the part he plays and has played in Robin's life!

Workshop Meeting

Come join us in September!

Robin will be back to teach the September 13-14 Workshop. Come for the fun, come for the learning, come for the magic, come for your horse, come for yourself!! See you then.

May 2014 Workshop

20 Photos | Updated May 5, 2014 | By Lynn Elston

May 3-4 workshop.

Nancy and Dante Hanging Out

Hanging out

Nancy and Dante

Nancy and Dante Playing With Bowls

Playing with bowls

Nancy and Dante

Janelle and Dante

Taking it all in

Janelle and Dante

Moon and Herd Energy Work

Energy work

Moon and herd

Moon and Herd Energy Work 2

Energy work 2

Moon and herd

Nancy and Gowi Savoring the Moment

Savoring the moment

Nancy and Gowi

Nancy and Wes Riding Fun

Riding fun

Nancy and Wes

Nancy and Wes Riding Fun 2

Riding fun 2

Nancy and Wes


Riding fun 3

Nancy and Wes

Herd Circle



Nancy and Omael Savoring the Moment

Savoring the moment 2

Nancy and Omael

Nancy Kissing Omael


Nancy and Omael

Nancy and Omael Sandbox Fun

Sandbox fun

Nancy and Omael

Nancy and Omael Playing Inside the Sandbox

Sandbox fun 2

Nancy and Omael

Kathy and Chief Hanging Out

Hanging out 3

Kathy and Chief

Kathie and Chief Playing with Something New

Playing with something new

Kathie and Chief


Enjoying the cookie bar


Nancy, Janelle, and Dante

Listening and learning

Nancy, Janelle, and Dante

Dante Enjoying the Sandbox

Enjoying the sandbox


Nancy, Janelle, and Dante Listening and Learning

Listening and learning 2

Nancy, Janelle, and Dante


"Life, Happiness, and the pursuit of Liberty."

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