Guest Gurus

Working with horses is an art form. As Liberty Enthusiasts and Centered Riders, we are always seeking to refine our understanding and techniques.  FromtheMother Farm is well known for hosting clinics and learning experiences that feature non-traditional training methods that feature the horse as partner, rather than vehicle or object. All of the learning ends up being about us humans, not the horses...and, as such, can provide life-changing insights for the attendees.

We have also found that the best clinic experiences happen when the instructors are fun, upbeat AND excellent at teaching. You won't find any brow-beating or yelling one can learn in that kind of negative environment.

The instructors for whom we host clinics are all our own mentors, gurus and a part of the FromtheMother Farm Family. We are hugely grateful to them for the knowledge they share and the caring they show to all of us. And we are always delighted to have them come and teach us and all of you!

The links below will take you to each of their websites, so you can learn about them and from them as well!!

Robin Gates 

Our Liberty guru, inspirational, spiritual and just downright fun!!! Robin's next seminar visit...September 12-13, 2015


Karen Irland

Our Centered Riding guru, brilliant at teaching Centered Riding and at teaching us how to teach!


Tom Nagel

Author of Zen and Horseback Riding, his presence and presentations always lead us to deeper understanding of ourselves and our horses.


Barb Apple

Our favorite horsemanship instructor and great friend!