January 2015 Sandbox https://www.fromthemotherfarm.com/apps/photos/ January 2015 Sandbox Cathy's Arab mare, Zee, already an "in" horse Cathy and Zee already had a nice relationship, though things tended to be more on Zee's terms than Cathy's. But, overall, Zee was respectful and caught on to Nancy's (friendly rules) without resistance...see how respectfully she waits out there for Nancy to invite her in for a treat. https://www.fromthemotherfarm.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=197251533 197251533 Cathy learned about the use and giving of treats... Cathy lets the mare have one of her treats, as long as she is respectful. Nancy also helped Cathy use her energy and body language more clearly, so the mare could companion walk in easier sync. When it worked for Cathy, the two of them were lovely to watch together. https://www.fromthemotherfarm.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=197251530 197251530 Bill's Tennessee Walker wanted nothing to do with Nancy or her treats! Next up was Jack, a 14 year old TWH who had a lot of presence and not much use for the humans around him. He was happy to help himself to the treats, but left each time Nancy asked him to just step back a bit, or to stand in one certain spot. He clearly displayed that he would prefer to go run the rail and worry about his mare-buddy, out in the roundpen. Nancy would succeed in getting his attention for a "Hello" and maybe two or three steps in sync, then he would leave. So, Nancy made herself a bit more interesting and brought a bowl of treats out with her as she sat quietly while he ran up and down. https://www.fromthemotherfarm.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=197251531 197251531 Connection established...but not maintained. Once Jack discovered Nancy and her treats, she'd give him one and then pick up her chair and move somewhere else. At first, he would not follow. But, slowly, he spent less time pacing the rail and more time approaching her and getting paid. When the time was up, we had seen him connect a few times, but he still returned to his railwalking. This horse will need a lot more of this kind of session to extend his trust enough to allow himself to come "in." https://www.fromthemotherfarm.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=197251532 197251532