Liberty September 2014-In pursuit of "Foal-face!" Liberty September 2014-In pursuit of "Foal-face!" Circles in the Sun Robin shared inspiring music that gave the feeling of "stillness" which worked as well as any meditation. Our Circle exchanges went deep and brought much knowledge, comfort and connection. 195425434 Our Robin is back and better than ever! Sharing, smiling, swearing, story-telling...we were all re-kindled by her presence! 195425435 Our Nancy was there, with her Bionic Arm Nancy and her sister, Janet, in from Boston, to be chauffeur and two-armed help while Nancy heals from her fall from a horse. Body compromised, but her spirit stays strong! And you should have seen her directing the car parking, one arm and all!!! 195425636 Cathie and her new(ish) mare, Nika Already practicing Liberty, all three of our horse humans had very nice, established Robin could take them, and us auditors, into the subtleties and nuances of the bond. Cath and Nika needed a little more enticement for Nika to want to be with Cathie more than anything! 195425648 Gail and Brooklyn Gail is fairly new to Liberty Training, but she and her mare were definitely in each other's worlds...but more on Brooklyn's terms, than Gail's. 195425429 Shina and Cody A lovely soft bond between these two, Robin suggested they could expand the range of their relationship through emotional plasticity. 195425432 Demos in the pasture We worked, mostly, in the Dorm pasture, where the horses were in a more natural environment and their desire to be with their human could be challenged by the grass and other diversions. 195425431 Robin and Nika Robin lets Nika discover who and how she is, describing to all of us, how she goes deep inside to become present to she can be present to the horse. 195425425 Nika accepts Robin's presence. Notice how grounded and unhurried they both are together. 195425428 Auditors chase the shade Both seminar days were hot, so we auditors kept moving our chairs to follow the shade. Robin spent only a little time with each horse, then she watched and gave suggestions to each of the humans. 195425424 Cath and Nika getting grounded. Cathie's relationship appeared to have a lot of "doing" involved in it, so Cath practiced some lovely "not-doing." 195425427 Gail asks Brooklyn for more respect. Brooklyn was fine with Gail being around as a devoted serving wench, so Robin had Gail up the ante and make some corrections to wake her mare up a bit. 195425430 Gail liked this better, wouldn't you? 195425651 Shina and Cody worked in the arena the first day. The two of them displayed a lovely, soft relationship...Cody was very connected and in. Now, robin suggested, they could go for adding in a little more sparkle and pizazz!! 195425433 2nd Day Dancing Fools Our 2nd Day's Circle went until almost Noon, and no one got itchy...there was so much learning and experience sharing going on. We closed with Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic" and I just HAD to "Prancercise" across the lawn! 195425638 Emotional plasticity for me, too!!! Not my usual demeanor, this felt wonderful, got everyone laughing and most folks up and dancing, themselves...from serious and deep in the Circle to silly and fun. Perfect! 195425639 Of course, Robin joins right in! 195425640 And then everybody danced... 195425642 in their own way! 195425643 Oh, yeah!!!! 195425644 Cath and Nika-second day Cath now gets some things to "do" with Nika to help the mare decide that Cathie is just the best thing, ever! 195425647 Reasons to follow me! Games and treats, in full play mode, had Nika totally in with whatever Cath was doing. 195425649 Foal-face achieved! Look at her perked ears, her soft, curious eye, this is foal-face...the sign that the mare is utterly focused on and tuned into her human...hooray! 195425646 Gail and Brooklyn come together, too! Gail route to Brooklyn's heart was very different than Cath's...but it brought about the same, soft, perky-eared, IN face! Double hooray! 195425650 Shina ramps up her energy with Cody... 195425654 and gets THIS!!!! Cody began to give us wonderful displays of bucking and rearing, as he was sent away...then he'd go hide in the trees, until Shina asked him to rejoin her. His joy in his BIG movements was contagious!!! A great way to end the day, and the seminar. 195425653