Liberty Immersion Retreat August 2014 Liberty Immersion Retreat August 2014 Sacred Sharing Circle Each day of our Liberty Retreat began with a circle for grounding, meditation and then sharing. We all felt closer to each other's hearts with each passing day! 194833088 Taking time to connect On the first day, we started very slowly, with horse owners just sharing territory with their horse, allowing themselves to feel the connection that is so often lost during our busy daily lives. 194833085 Connection felt, action arises Once the connection was affirmed, owners could experiment with movement within the "bubble of two." Companion walking, scratching, playing... 194833086 Day 1 afternoon - expanding the bubble After a delicious lunch, we put the treats outside the arena gate and played with what happened when this element was added to the relational mix. Various things came up: Elise and Apple ended up discovering how to walk together, without leaving or getting left behind. Diane learned how to use her energy to push her horse backwards. Vicky and Shina both got reaffirmed in the loveliness and strength of their horses' bonds to them. 194833087 Morning 2-with FTMF herd Guests experiment with their connection skills by relating to the Farm's horses, in their pasture. 194833097 Nancy and I observe the fun! 194833093 Vicky companion walks with Yogi. 194833089 Diane and CJ discovering each other. 194833090 Elise connects with Shilo... 194833092 and takes him to yummies! 194833094 Shina and Yogi say Hello. 194833095 Vicky hangs out with Moon. 194833096 Shina and CJ walk together. 194833098 Elise and Yogi getting it on! 194833099 Vicky and CJ stepping out. 194833101 Day 2 afternoon...lessons got more specific. Vicky brought both her 2 year old, Charly and her steady Eddie, Harry, down for a joint lesson. Harry learned how to get treats by doing fun obstacle stuff!! 194833103 Nancy and Vicky got Harry to step up! Doing obstacles is a way to practice breaking things down to little, tiny "yeses" until the final "goal" is just the next little step to the horse's way of seeing it. 194833105 And Vicky makes it worth his while! 194833104 Charly and Vicky Charly got his turn and did a great job of paying attention to do the pool noodle car wash! 194833106 Diane finds her energy!!! Look at that transmission and reception...Summer is NOT going to move! 194833107 Diane is happy!!!! And we were so thrilled to have witnessed this beautiful coming together! 194833108 Apple and Elise play the Initiative Game In order to get more participation out of Apple, Elise threw all sorts of fun toys out into the arena and just waited until Apple touched something, then treated. Eventually, Apple stopped waiting to be told what to do and began to initiate actions on her own, to get herself some treats! 194833109 Shina and Cody work on his self carriage Shina and Cody trotted between two feed bowls, with a quick Whoa at each bowl, so Cody could get his rear end under him more. We added a couple steps of back-up before treating, to get him even more on his butt!! 194833110 Day 3 - Treasure Hunt on the Farm We all took treats and bowls of feed and "salted" the property all down through the woods and behind the Mainhouse. Each person took their horse on a different route, so it was just the two of them discovering their connection outside of the arena's wall. 194833111 Elise and Apple down by the Compost Bins! 194833112 Vicky and Charly.. As a very young horse, just walking about, on line, was enough of an adventure and test of their connection. 194833113 But they found it! 194833117 Di and Summer Really "with" each other!! 194833114 Great Connection! 194833120 Shina and Cody He's so IN!! 194833118 Beautiful Dance! 194833119 Day 3 afternoon - individual lessons again. Shina and Cody continue their beautiful dance as she leads him to discover obstacles. 194833121 Vicky works with both her horses Establishing her leadership over the feed bowl, she was able to get them eating, together, out of one bowl. 194833122 Look at that connection!!! Vicky was thrilled! 194833125 Diane and Summer play the Initiative Game They found their strong connection, now both Diane and Summer played inside of it. 194852151 Playing with toys together Smiles abounded! 194852152 Elise and Apple do the obstacles. Apple began to find that being with Elise was a really fun thing! 194852158