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Posted by Nancy L Kittleson on June 21, 2016 at 12:40 AM

Dear Herdmates and Friends,

  It has taken quite awhile for me to be able to write this blog entry for many reasons. First of all, grief and sadness at the loss of Lynn Elston. Many of you already know but for those of you who do not or are seeing the website for the first time, Lynn was diagnosed with lymphoma just about a year ago. At that time her prognosis was for a cure and recovery. However the reality of it is that the tumor was located in her upper chest and neck area and was not a surgical candidate and the chemotherapy was not able to reduce it enough for radiation to be successful. It became an aggressive B cell tumor. Although Lynn did everything the Doctors wanted her to do and faced this with grace, courage, bravery and humor to the end, she lost the battle on January 19, 2016. This has been a devastating loss for all of us connected to Lynn and the Farm.

  We have had many things that needed taking care of before getting to the website but hopefully now that I have gotten into the site I will be able to figure things out and keep it updated. Please bear with me as I learn and know that I have big shoes to fill, for Lynn was a poet with her words and could make things come alive for you as you read them. My tech abilities are way less evolved than Lynn's and we called ourselves Frick and Frack whenever we tackled something beyond our percieved abilities. We got it done but it might have taken awhile!

  I do though have good news to share about the Farm. It is now owned by Mary and Alan Shank, who are both members of our wonderful Liberty Herd. They want to keep Lynn's dreams alive and going forward, as well as ideas of their own, so stay tuned for information of upcoming events and clinics that will be held at the Farm. As you can imagine, they are still in the process of moving in and getting settled so it will be a bit in the future. They came with their two lovely horses, Dandy and Raj, and have also become the new people for Lynn's Moon. He will be staying at the Farm  for them learn from, both on the ground and in the saddle, and Moon will also still be available for lessons. Dojo, the majestic black and white cat, is also now a member of the Shank familyand continues to be well loved.

  Yogi will be become the teacher and student for a young student of mine, Amanda Bauman, who has been working with him in her lessons since Sept . We were working with the intent to have him ready for Lynn to ride when she was well. Amanda and Yogi have developed a wonderful relationship both on the ground and in the saddle and I look forward to all they will do together. I know Lynn approves, for this was very important to her.

  For those of you who sent flowers and cards, or called to see how Lynn was doing, or even asked how we were doing, please know that those things meant the world to Lynn and to us. It was through this difficult time that Lynn realized she was loved and appreciated because of what all her friends and herdmebersdid for her. She was at peace with what was happening and left with us knowing that she was at peace. Today she is with her beloved first horse, Pilgrim, and with all her dogs and cats that went on before, especially Monte and Cookie.

Though we are sad beyond words, life and living continue on. I know that Lynn wants us to do just that, so together we will find peace and the strength for " Together is A Wonderful Place to Be" . Lynn Elston, you are in our hearts and souls always and your legacy lives on.

Thank you Lynn for your creation. We will cherish it and help it grow. Love you forever.

Nancy Kittleson


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Reply Tom Sayers
11:29 PM on June 27, 2016 
So strange to see you just recently posted this as I just today noticed I had missed several messages on FB Messenger as I did not sign on to it until this was from Lynn in 2014 who had found me - we dated in high school for a short time in CT where we both grew up so I replied right away then saw her posts ended last year and then saw her post about chemo and went to the blog to sadly see this story. I would have liked to reminisce with her and feel bad that I found her outreach too 1969 we would listen to Chicago's first album while making out in her parents living room after they went to I am now 40+ years later reaching out into my past for friends long ago...I am sad to have missed her...but it looks like she was very happy with the horses here