January 2015 Sandbox Session

Posted by Lynn Elston on January 25, 2015 at 10:45 PM

Yesterday's sandbox session was a fascinating opportunity to experience the Liberty approach with two totally different horse personalities.  I have posted a few pictures in the Photo Gallery, with my comments visible when you click on and enlarge the first photo...then just keep hitting "Next."

What I came away with, after watching the sweet horse and then the proud horse was how versatile our liberty approach can be and how absolutely essential it is to have as much flexibility as we watched Nancy demonstrate.  The gentle approach that she could take with the Arab mare was because Zee was already "in," wanting to relate and find out what her situation was going to be about.  Nancy was able to keep the mare's connection while leaving the treats, companion walking, and even worked a bit on asking for Whoa. Nancy's work with Cathy was to help Cathy clarify her own intentions and energy, to allow the horse to sync with her more smoothly.

The Walker, on the other hand, saw no reason to be "in" at all.  When he did try for the food, Nancy had to get quite strong with him in order to make her point that the food was HERS! Rather than deterring him, this strong statement actually got through to him and he did not try to steal bites again. But, when Nancy began to ask for a little more from him than just standing and receiving the treats, he flounced off and ran around the arena and up and down the rail, in an impressive display of his own self!  So, Nancy really lowered the bar for the remainder of his session...when Nancy could catch his attention and he'd approach, she asked for a Hello and then left him.  Eventually, he didn't even want to relate to her in this simple Nancy added the treat bowl to herself, making her "package" more interesting to him.

We could really see him wanting to stay connected, as Nancy would walk away and he'd go with her for a few steps, but then he'd take himself back over to run the rail.  Very proud, lots of self-confidence...but we did get to see a few glimmers of his innate desire to be in connection.  No doubts he will come into relationship...but not in one one-hour session.

Our thanks to Cathy and Bill for sharing their horses with us.  And, thanks to everyone who came to audit...we were so pleased to have so many folks new to Liberty.  It was such fun to watch your faces as the connections got made and the magic was afoot!!!!

I hope you will all join us for Robin Gates' Liberty Seminar on May 9-10, 2015.  Robin is our mentor... a wonderful teacher and fantastic presenter.  Her ability to connect with the demo horses always amazes, and her ability to describe what she's feeling inside as we watch what she's doing outside, is our best chance at learning this incredible liberty art form.  Click on the "Details: Click here"  in the announcement box in the photo on the Home Page for a look at the flier for this event.  Then call or E-mail me and make your reservation soon.

We are figuring on having another Sandbox Session in March, but the date is yet to be assigned.  In February, I am off to Arizona and my favorite Miraval Wellness Center and, Nancy, is off to Africa on a photo safari...Whooot!  So, if the havelinas and the lions don't get us, we'll see you all in March!

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