September Liberty Seminar more magical than ever!!

Posted by Lynn Elston on September 18, 2014 at 9:30 PM

Greetings, Herdmates...


This past weekend's Liberty Training Seminar with Robin Gates surpassed any event that we have ever had here!!! Robin looks and is great, her energy is steady and it was just like old times to have her back in action again!!


The three horse/human demos we had, this time, were all already in a pretty good bond, so they presented an opportunity for Robin to take them, and all of us auditors, deeper into the subtleties of connection.


The two mares, while aware of their humans, were so-so in their connection, and needed more energy in their draw. The gelding was totally “in” with his human, but needed more energy in the push, to expand his range of emotional plasticity.


Robin gave each couple things to play with, some included treats, others did not...and the results were wondrous!! The two mares found “foal-face,” that ears pricked, eyes curious, nose quivering look that indicates total regard, respect and “in.” The gelding began to frisk and frolic, in reaction to his human's energy level, creating some resistance in the return draw, but offering opportunities for further bonding through re-instating that draw.


We learned more about when to use treats, when to use patience, when to use invitation and when to use pushing away. We learned much more about the pause and the stillness that it is...and how all of our actions should arise out of that stillness.


Everyone picked up on things to take home and try with their own horses, and their own psyches. It was a spectacular two days!!


Our Circles were wonderful. The second day's ran for three hours and no one even got fidgety...there was so much learning and sharing going on, it was amazing! Robin shared musical pieces that she felt gave the feeling of stillness, and action arising out of stillness. Check these out for yourselves: Elegy by Lisa Gerrard and Patrick Cassidy (Stillness); Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G Major by Yoyo-Ma (action out of stillness) and, our long time favorite: Into the Mystic by Van Morrison (spontaneous dancing happened throughout that fabulous number!!)


Brenda has taken some wonderful photos, which I shall attempt to caption to tell more of last weekend's story. I will let you all know when they are ready for sharing here on the webstie.


This is Robin's last visit for 2014. We are thrilled that she has been able to do as much as she has. We know, now, that she is well on her way to total health and we all look forward to having her back in 2015. We will be deciding on dates in the next couple of months and I will let you all know what they are, before the Holidays, so you can work your next year's plans around these magical, not-to-be missed events!!!



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