Your Invitation

FromtheMother Farm is a gathering place. A place for us to come together to learn, risk, share, grow and become better humans for our horses.

All are welcome here, neophyte to professional. The only requirement is an open heart and a love of horses.

Maybe you've never done anything with horses but dream about them and love them...come join us!

Perhaps you are wondering if there is something more than competitions and shows for you and your horse to share...come join us!

Maybe you are having troubles with your horse on trail rides and wish you could give him (or yourself) more confidence...come join us!

Or, you're tired of riding patterns in the arena and are looking for something else to do and share with your horse...come join us!

Whatever has turned you into a Seeker, you are welcome.

If you are new to Liberty, you might consider auditing one of the 2 day workshops. You will be amazed at how different this event is from any horse clinic you have ever attended.

We begin each group gathering with a Circle and we welcome every new visitor to that Circle.    In this way, we learn from and about each other, coming together in the common bond of our love for horses.

If you are already taking lessons from us, we encourage you to attend the workshops as well. You can never get too much exposure to the Liberty way of being in connection.

If you are from far away, there are comfortable, reasonably priced hotels and good, non-pricey restaurants in Monroe, WA, only 10 minutes away.

The Farm has a reasonably priced guest horse boarding facility...The Dorm. Six stalls with small paddocks, with a view of the arena. You'd be amazed at how interested the visiting horses are in what goes on down there!!!

So, room for your horse, easy accommodations for you...come join us!

Our herd continues to grow in numbers and in connection to each other, as we discover the exponential wonders of gathering with like minded folk.

We invite you to come be a part of it all!!